The Dagger Chronicles Vol 1

Alex Stone wants to pretend the supernatural doesn’t exist.

As the owner of a hot new clothing line, the only thing she’s killing is her competition – until she gets a phone call from her past. As the Dagger, she was a member of the covert ops team tasked with hunting threats of the supernatural kind. For the super soldiers of Night Command, the rules were simple: take the pills, fight the bad guys, and live to tell no one. After putting a bad-ass vampire on ice landed her in a padded cell, Alex thought she’d left the hunting game for good. Now she’s in the orbit of a handsome vampire with a problem. And sometimes keeping secrets bites.

Jason Stavros has the best of everything and life eternal. To the human world, Jason was just a poor boy who made it to the top. For a human turned vampire, the fight for a place in the inner circle of the ruling class hinges on one task: convince the best ex-vampire hunting assassin to become his personal bodyguard and save them all.

Join Alex, Jason and a new team of young hunters as two worlds unite against a common enemy. As the body count begins to rise, Alex and the Tracker Team fight friends and enemies to find the answers they seek.

What’s been happening in the dark will finally come to light.

Fast paced vampire story with an intriguing plot.

No crappy romance, just action. Of course, there is sex but the story revolves more around military new warriors and the threat represented by an old vampire. And secrets. Tons of secrets. Threats also are coming from everywhere and Alex Jason is a badass heroine.
Like that she doesn’t follow orders nicely or that she is using her brain and body to obtain what she wants. Even if people have betrayed her, she has gained the respect of many due to her skills.

It would have been a delicious read if I wouldn’t have to come back to remember who the characters were. Between the bad guy, who is great one and the great one who is a traitor…Geez! Give them different name and not so similar one.
Come on!
It’s bothersome to have a picture in your mind and have to stop your private movie to ask yourself: “wait a minute, which one are we talking about?”

If not for this annoying detail, the story is worth the read. I even was disappointed at the end ofthe volume. Would have wanted to know more… 🙂